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06 May 2007

An entire MySpace narrative in 24 hours: decide to update profile that I never touched after registering. Receive invites a zillion strangers, one of them seems to have attended my college, is in my profession, at a cursory glance has normal-seeming friends. Doesn't hurt that she's hot. Accept invite, send invites to other friends. Update profile a bit more. The accepted invite sends another message, we go back and forth a couple times with quick impersonal missives, she asks if I want to go to lunch. I'm out of town, I say, and in [blank]. I'll be in [blank] in June, she says. Etc. She writes to say she's going out for supper and will miss "chatting" with me. I ask why she's so friendly to someone she hardly knows, she says she's "interested in me." Late at night she sends a "I wonder what you're doing now" message. Now totally creeped out, send an I'm-uncomfortable message, change privacy settings, block my "friend." But my real name was in my profile address anyways, she could remember it, trace me easily. I think, why am I even doing this? I already have plenty of friends, a good job and reliable network of professional contacts; I already spend too much time in front of a computer, and have enough trouble keeping up relations with these friends, pursuing the literary and journalistic projects I should, et cetera. So I quit MySpace.